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My apologies everyone- I did not remember about the long weekend here in the states, and I took an impromptu trip out of town! I did not bring my laptop-ah! So I will take care of voting and a new challenge tomorrow when I'm home. If you still want to enter the FEAR challenge please do so! Also vote for challenge 251 as well!! Thanks for your understanding all!!

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Want to be an affiliate of [ profile] hunger_icontest? We'd love to include your community on our affiliate list too!

Just comment here with a request and we'll get right back to you!
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Have an idea for a challenge? Suggestion for a way to run the comm? Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, dreams, or hopes go here! Feel free to drop off a comment, and I'll consider everything!

Thanks for your help! I want to make this community a true group effort.
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Please comment here with suggestions for the new twentieth-century vintage icon challenge community, [ profile] lookingback_ic!

Challenges will primarily be separated into four categories:
theme : a topic, person, genre, time period, etc etc etc
visual media : images provided or required
text: passage or quote provided or required
special: for the community or other challenge

If you have suggestions within a certain category, please specify. Otherwise, please feel free to suggest a new category or any other ideas! Thank you! :D
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Please give me your thoughts and ideas about how you want [ profile] sttos_stills run! What types of challenges, the rotations of challenges, etc etc etc. I want thoughts on anything and everything! I don't want to run the challenge as a complete mirror of my other comm, so please drop off thoughts! :D
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I am now running the [ profile] sttos_stills icon challenge comm in addition to [ profile] trekicontest. Please stop by and check out the challenges!

If you would like to affiliate with [ profile] trekicontest, please post a comment over here, and if you would like to affiliate with [ profile] sttos_stills, please leave a comment to this post.

Thanks! :D


Mar. 11th, 2010 03:16 am
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If you are willing to affiliate to the Star Trek Icon Challenge community I run, [ profile] trekicontest, please comment here and let me know. THANK YOU!
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Hello everyone!

This journal is strictly for moderating the ST icon contest community, [ profile] trekicontest. Please check it out and join if you are interested!

There are always possibilities...
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